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Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
is angie. i think the market pulled on its deer antler spray last friday at the opening and just burst through 1500 on the s&p and 14,000 on the dow. > now, that dow 14,000, i am hearing from a lot of traders, this is just kind of a psychological number, is it not? or will it actually propel people to put more money to work? > > well, it is going to be interesting to see, angie. but certainly from a psychological standpoint, it is something that people can focus on now as a positive, rolling back toward those 2007 highs. and now we're seeing the s&p firmly above 1500 as well, so you kind of have a culmination of a couple things going on here: technically the market still looks in pretty good shape. consolidated around the 1500 level in the s&p for the last week-and-a-half, so there's still some possible room on the upside. plus, you have the first of the month basically kicking off on a positive side. i think that is going to probably push money managers and people who are kind of on the sidelines to kind of think about, "i need to get in this market." > great. so break this down for o
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
the ball rolling for us on this tuesday. good morning to you dan. > > good morning angie. > yesterday was the worst day for the stock market so far this year. what did you notice in trading? > > right now we saw a little bit of concern out there. the one thing i did notice is the fact that from last friday and yesterday we saw two 1% moves in the market: the s&p up about 1% last friday, down about 1% yesterday. so we are seeing now, at least short-term, realized volatility starting to pick up, and that is why i think you saw a significant pop in the vix, up about 15% around that 1465 area. > nonetheless, i am hearing from traders that this market will continue to do a slow grind higher. do you believe that? > > it appears to be the path of least resistance. you still have a lot of bears out there, and typically i'm one of those guys as well. right now the concerns out of europe rattled the markets yesterday. we will have to see if that stays in the market over the next couple of days. it could, and it could push us down, possibly even down to that 1470 area in the s&p. but right now,
Feb 15, 2013 4:00am PST
dan, you are definitely the right man for the job. > > we will see angie. we will see what we can uncover. > so far the market feels like it is a little bit stuck here at relatively high levels, so that is a good thing for investors. but, what is your take on the market action? > > you know, basically angie, if you look at short-term expectations, the vol expectation's still pretty low. basically in the vix we are seeing the march options now kind of soft, not in a lot of concern there. if you look at the s-p-x, it expires today. vol expectations there pretty low as well. if you're looking a little further out on the spectrum, you have a few things in the marketplace - of course, the debt ceiling coming up is one. but if you look at the market overall, it is still maintaining at that these high levels. it is working off some of the overbought conditions it basically attained through january, and, again like i said, we're only 1% off of the dow high from 2007, and we're only 2% off of the s&p high from 2007, so the market is consolidating here at a very good level, and it looks lik
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am PST
are they doing? > > good morning angie. i'll tell you, they are getting your name, and they're finding your social security number, and they're getting it from any number of ways - through breaches, a security breach somewhere, somebody may have broken into the insurance agency or medical files or something like that - and then they are electronically filing your name and social security number, and they are making up how much money you might have made, what kind of deductions you might have had, and then having the refund go either directly to - a bogus account, but it is a temporary checking or savings account - or, more often, they are going to prepaid cards, which have no tracking whatsoever. > what is behind the trouble here? what is causing this? > > it really seems to be the e-filing. we have really see a lot more people e-file now than ever before. and you even look at how many problems there were with e-filing in 2008: the irs recorded about 48,000. last year they recorded 650,000. so you realize how fast it grows. this is an easy thing for the bad guys to do, and they do it. they
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am PST
, and what do you expect here scott? > > hi there angie. boy, this thing just out of nowhere exploded to the downside. we finally found out after the stock had dropped 10 bucks - so we are talking about from $39 down to $29 - is that the department of justice was investigating the acquisition that budweiser had with constellation, which was a really good thing for constellation. that being said, we saw that plunge in the stock, we saw volume just go absolutely off the board. they actually had to shut the stock down for a while because of the circuit breakers. we saw huge activity in put buying, in $35, $32.50, $37.50 put buying. by the end of the day, though, when all was said and done, constellation settled back in right in the low $30s range, which is about where it came from six, nine months ago, before the news of this agreement with budweiser. it is not over yet. > yes or no, is this stock a buy now at these levels? is this stock a buy? > > if we get back down to $30, yes. that is a major, major support area. > good to have you on the show. that is scott bauer of trading advantag
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am PST
securities joins us via skype. what's prompting this? > > hi angie. i think it's more than just individual investors. it's also institutional investors that are throwing billions into etfs. it's a remarkably convenient and flexible way to invest in the market. > is this good? what are caveats? > > investors have to really be careful - not only individual investors, but also professionals like myself. there are a couple of tax implications that might be hidden within the etfs that you are not familiar with. we're used to getting 1099s, or investors are, and a lot of these etfs are k-1s. so nothing will irritate a client more than getting a k-1 well after they have already applied for their income tax. > what are your favorite etfs? > > ah, that's a great question. there are so many etfs right now, that's the great thing behind this big push, is that there's so much flexibility from an advisory standpoint, that we can put money pretty much anywhere in the world very simply and very efficiently. > thanks ed! as people all over the world celebrate the begining of the year of the snake, investo
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am PST
keg- [angie laughs -causes reverberations across the globe. you saw it in asia, you saw it in commodities, you even saw stock start to really take pause and note of that. so really, we know what is really driving behind this market. so, that is number one. secondly, the sequestration process and debt ceiling is upon us again, as well as, let's not forget, italian elections later this month, which could have some impact on europe and maybe could be a little eventful as far as things go over there, which could impact u.s. markets as well. > what do you view as money- makers in this market? > > it is almost like anything you touched here in this rally's been ok, but i more favor stocks that supply the infrastructure, such as some industrials, materials, perhaps shying away from overvalued sectors like utilities and telecoms. i still like perhaps some of the minors, and some of these mlp and pipeline plays or energy infrastructure plays as well. so there are ways, there's places to go in the market here. but i do think the rising tide lifted all boats, so as the market corre
Feb 25, 2013 4:00am PST
to have you here in person. > >it's great to be here. thanks angie. > >thanks for stopping by. let's talk about this roth 401k ira idea that's new. what's happening there exactly? > >about half of employers that offer 401k plans also offer what's known as the roth 401k. which is just basically another option for people when they're making their contributions. rather than putting in the money before it's taxed and then having to pay takes in retirement when you take it out the roth is the opposite of that. you pay taxes now, but the withdrawals in retirement are tax free. > >but doesn't that mean a big hit up front for some people? > >if you're looking at converting some of your existing 401k balance into the roth 401k yes you will pay a big tax because all that money that previously hadn't been taxed now gets treated as taxable income. so i think that's going to be a hindrance to a lot of people being able to take advantage of it because you have to pay those taxes with money outside the 401k for it to really pay off. > >what are some other places then to put money? > >look at an ira. a l
Feb 27, 2013 4:00am PST
environment. > tim, thank you very much. > > you bet. thanks angie. that's all the time we have for today. coming up tomorrow in movies & money, oscar fallout at the box office. from all of us at first business, thank you for watching, and have a great day!
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am PST
leaders. good morning to you wally. > > good morning, angie. thanks for having me. > how brisk is your business? > > you know, our river cruising right now is up 35% over last year. > what do you think is leading to the strong numbers? > > you know, i think there is a lot of pent-up demand in people. they want a more unique experience with their vacationing, and river cruising offers that. > let's take a look at the top destinations out there. most of these are in europe. why is that, do you think? > > there's pent-up demand, people haven't been traveling for a while or as much as they used to, so they want to get out there and see the world while they still can. prices are a little bit lower than they were because people are doing a lot of value pricing with packages and stuff out there. > so there are some good deals out there and that is driving business. > > there are some fantastic deals out there, yes. > what about "downton abbey?" there is a big company that advertises- or really, i should say sponsors- the pbs show. it's viking river cruises, and they are showing trips along th
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10